buy canada goose jacket cheap Experts will discuss what involved for managers and their landlord if meth smoking or meth lab activity is happening in their properties.Grassroots will feature a presentation from MethScreen Australia Managing Director Ryan Matthews who says property managers will discover how to manage testing and decontamination and communication with the property owner and law enforcement.”Contaminated properties can be a real health hazard, particularly to children and women who are pregnant,” Mr Matthews says. “Property managers are in the front line when it comes to identifying meth use or manufacturing activity in rental properties, and it’s important they understand the implications for their property owners,” he says.Health effects from exposure to the drug and chemicals used in its manufacture can include asthma like symptoms, coughs, eye irritation, difficulty sleeping, headaches, rashes and behavioural changes in children. Interstate police are campaigning for national laws to protect residents from the toxic side effects of clandestine drug laboratories.This cannot happen soon enough for Veronica Rawlinson, a Nowra woman renting a home who broke out in a skin rash on her shoulder and arm. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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