Brimming with lifeSince 2004, much of the sweeping Cape Floral

high quality hermes replica uk While this scrubby green growth may seem unremarkable from a distance, look closer and you see a land of staggering diversity thriving in a vast 90,000 sq km scorched landscape that nearly as large as Portugal.Brimming with lifeSince 2004, much of the sweeping Cape Floral Kingdom, which encompasses eight protected areas including Table Mountain National Park has been a registered Unesco site. Of the six floral kingdoms on the planet, it the smallest.Hotspots are regions that are home to at least 1,500 endemic plants but have already lost at least 70% of their original vegetation. According to Conservation International, they represent just 2.4% of Earth land surface, but support more than half of the world endemic plant species and nearly 43% of its endemic bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian species.Table Mountain alone boasts more plant species than the British Isles. high quality hermes replica uk

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