Difference between Article Submission Services and Article Directories


 Article submission services are mostly article submission websites that work on individual basis and each website is different than other. Some article submission websites accept articles only on certain topics, whereas other submission websites are more general and have a wide range of categories that allow many businesses to participate in Article directories on the other hand are more like a database of articles that allow almost all categories and thus house huge collections of articles on virtually any topic.

These directories work like libraries where users come and browse through different categories to find the information that they are looking for Both article directories and article submission websites or services are not entirely different when it comes to SEO. Both provide almost similar advantages to search engine optimization. Both are great for link generation, providing quality backlinks, ability to penetrate deeper into internal pages and also, routing relevant traffic to the website that can convert into regular users.

 The main difference between these two is their primary goals. Where article directories are working for publishers to notice their articles so to get them republished on Internet, in print or in online magazines, article submission websites are more focused on getting and california lottery winning numbers (digilantsolutions.com) retaining target audience that visits their websites.

Both of these goals work for improving search engine rankings but tackle this in different ways. If you are submitting your article on an article submission website, you have the ability to attract target audience to your content, you have the freedom to write articles in any way you want that suits individual submission websites, and also the ability to introduce yourself to a wide range of audience.

Most submission websites review each article manually and the feedback can help you improve your article quality to a great deal. This will also be a profitable step to creating relationships with the editors and publishers of different websites.

 If you are submitting your article on article directories, you are making your content available for republishing. Getting republished through article directories is a great SEO advantage because article directories are targeted by webmasters working on variety of niches. By submitting your article on article directory, your content will be viewable and usable by users in different industries, thus widening your audience even more.

One thing that you have to make sure is that SEO works best when different strategies are combined together to make a more thorough and progressive optimization strategy. Therefore, it is important to use both article submission services and article directories to better command search engine rankings. In the event you loved this article and you would love to receive more details relating to ca lottery today Results assure visit the webpage. This will also help you not to leave any stone uncovered in your optimization efforts.

Also, while working with article submission services, ensure that editorial guidelines are followed to the letter so you always have a better shot at getting instant acceptance and a glowing feedback.