Why Do I Need Internet Parental Controls?

xxx porn HD FREEhttps://nnyogics.nl/. Let me ask you a quick question. Would you leave you let your child wonder off in a video store that’s sells x-rated movies? Of course not. Then why do you let your child surf the internet online without no internet parental controls. With some sort of internet parental control your kids can wonder around the internet searching anything they want.

Don’t be fooled by your web history. Deleting your browser history is as easy as just pressing CRTL + H.. Don’t believe me try it yourself now. Any and every body can place x rated videos online. As a matter of fact there are over 3 million websites online now that shows x-rated porn and there are over thousands of sites that get made daily.

Kids now days are curious and it is nothing for them to go to Yahoo.com or Google.com one day and type in xxx or nude pictures, That is how easy it is to access porn on the internet. Lets say your kid is a teen a he or she was looking for a websites for just for teens. Just by typing in the word teens into you computer you child can accidentally come across an adult rated website just by the word teen type in goggle. That’s how easy it can find its way on your child computer.

Still think you don’t need internet parental controls on your computer. Well how about those softwares that let your child download all those free songs to there I pods. Those same music download softwares like Limewire and Bearshare can easily have porn uploaded unto your computer even if your child is just looking for a song. The worst thing about these p2p softwares like Limewire is that most of the time the files that are uploaded unto them are filled with viruses.

Imagine you turn on your computer and come to find that all you will get is just a black screen. Thousands of computers are affected everyday just because people lack internet parental controls. And don’t be fooled by those free software’s because most of them if not all of them don’t have the power to stop a p2p software like Limewire.

Don’t worry it’s a very cheap software for you. I use it and so does everyone in my church do.